Vijay Masharani

Works on Paper

My Coarsening (stills), single channel video, r/t 21:03, 2023

Installation view, “Permanent Water” at hatred 2, Brooklyn.

Give me that fucking content, Universe, single channel video, r/t 1:53, 2023.

Studies in Unlikability, performance lecture, 2022
For the Center for Experimental Lectures, curated by Zoey Lubitz and Gordon Hall.

Nervosism, stammer, b-b-buh-bye, single channel video, r/t 2 minutes, 2021.

Thunder scene, single channel video, r/t 1 minute, 2021.

Lattice (Omonoia Nicosia), single channel video, r/t 16 seconds, 2021.

Good Attack, single channel video, r/t 19 minutes, 2021.

Command | Plea, single channel video, r/t 4 minutes, 2021.

Errant lesson, single channel video r/t 4 minutes, 2021.

Installation views, “Triage” at Clima, Milan.

Mourning in advance, single channel video, r/t 21 minutes, 2019.
Installation views, “#38: Gas, Honey” at Museum Gallery, Brooklyn.

Milk man, single channel video, 1-way mirror, r/t :56, 2019.
Installation view, “#38: Gas, Honey” at Museum Gallery, Brooklyn. Also pictured: Raza Kazmi, Sponge.

Carpe diem, mini projector, tripod head, video loop, foamcore, hardware, 2019.
Installation documentation, “#38: Gas, Honey” at Museum Gallery, Brooklyn. 

You can’t turn me away, single-channel video r/t 2 minutes, 2018.
Installation view, “SUPERHOST” at Foothold / Like A Little Disaster, Poligano a mare, Italy.

You can’t turn me away (stills), single-channel video r/t 2 minutes, 2018.